Quality, reliability,


Although the remarkable technical, industrial and trade competences already achieved, the company is aware that to keep its competitive power at the highest level, above all on the international markets, constant trainings and updating on industrial innovations are needed.
That's why the company commits to broaden the knowledge as well as the skills of its own staff, creating a suitable climate to build both a team and membership spirit at work.
It' s just this spirit that made possible to match Marinelli with words like quality, reliability, promptness and then professionalism.


Aware that to keep on growing means to keep up with the digital innovation, the firm develops and uses more and more innovative and performing management solutions to improve the industrial processes and to make them faster.
An impressive example for the boost that the company intends to foster towards the innovation is given by the latest plant that has built up. It's a high technology unit which allows to minimize costs and times. It has been arranged by Massimo Marinelli who is today the production manager.